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Employee Engagement Survey - Are Employee Expectations Fulfilled?

Analyse your organization's engagement levels using the Harrison Employee Engagement Survey. Receive an in-depth customized engagement report which details the engagement pulse of your organization including:

  • The most important expectations of your employees
  • The degree to which each important expectation is being fulfilled
  • The percentage of the employees that have a significant gap between important expectations and the degree to which they are fulfilled
  • Implications and predictions for future talent retention for specific teams, departments and the entire organization.
  • Recommended actions the organization needs to take
  • Identification of employees who are most at risk of disengagement or turnover and recommended intervention strategies

Track Engagement Levels

Track improvement in employee engagement levels to determine improvement for teams or the entire organization. Our Engagement Pulse Check takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

The SmartQuestionnaire

Employees who have already completed our SmartQuestionnaire for other talent functions do not need to complete another questionnaire. All the data needed for organizational analytics can be drawn from the SmartQuestionnaire.

Use Harrison's unique technology to help you assess your employee expectations regarding the following essential dimensions:

  • Development
  • Remuneration
  • Authority
  • Social
  • Appreciation
  • Communications
  • Personal
  • Work Life Balance
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