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Leadership Development Assessments

Harrison's Leadership Development Assessments use our unique 25 minute SmartQuestionnaire to provide a deep dive into the behaviours that make leaders successful. Paradox Technology accurately determines whether a leader's strong behavioural traits are genuine strengths or costly detailers. A crucial consideration most traditional assessments fail to make. Whether you're training emerging leaders or coaching senior leaders, this essential understanding of leadership behaviours and stress responses can make or break the organization. Click on the icons below to learn more about each of our Leadership Development Assessments.

Staged Psychometric Testing
Emerging Leader Competencies
Compare your emerging leaders to the key success factors related to our 10 emerging leadership competencies and empower new leaders to succeed with development plans that target gaps.
Pre-screening for Qualifications
Senior Leader Competencies
Compare your existing senior leaders and potential senior leaders to the 10 competencies related to senior leader success and achieve leadership potential with targeted development plans.
Job Specific Behaviour and Personality
Paradoxical Leadership Skills
Effective leadership involves balancing a series of apparently contradictory behaviours. Find out your balances and how you can turn potential detailers into your greatest strengths.
Critical Thinking and Numerical Reasoning
Management Assessments
Management success behaviours can vary according to the specific role and company culture. Our 600+ customisable variations target specific behaviours for development and provide development plans.

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