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Organisational Analytics

Dashboards for Engagement and Behavioural Competencies

Visualise your Group Data

Harrison Assessments' Organisational Analytics solution enables you to inspire a culture of engagement, retain key talent and build the behavioural competence that drives high performance. The online interactive dashboards for Engagement and Behavioural Competencies allows you to easily identify development areas using the traffic light colour scheme. Select groups to analyse by department, team, or manager using customisable tags and easily generate reports. The Organisational View allows you to view group trends while the Individual View allows you to drill down to each employees' key factors.

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organizational analytics - engagement

Engagement Analytics

Engagement Analytics measures one's employment expectations and the degree to which they believe their expectations are being fulfilled. The Organisational View for Engagement bar chart shows 18 engagement factors ranked from left to right, according to importance given by employees. The traffic light colour scheme allows you to view the degree to which each expectation is fulfilled. The Individual View for Engagement allows you to easily identify areas of concern for each employee in the selected group.

Engagement Analytics develops your leaders' capability to engage and retain top talent. Makes performance reviews comfortable and productive for everybody. And creates engagement strategies for all levels of the organisation.

organizational analytics - behavioral competency

Behavioural Competency Analytics

Behavioural Competency Analytics enables you to build the behavioural competence that drives high performance. It measures your employee's competency levels across leadership, emotional intelligence, remote working, and collaboration. You can even map your own organisation's competencies and include them in the system. This data enables you to target development towards the behaviours that influence your ability to execute strategy on both a group and an individual level.

Use the traffic light colour scheme to quickly assess your organisational culture and discover risk areas. Gain insight into the specific set of behaviours that impact each competency, and implement actionable development plans that provide guidance and generate enthusiasm.

Harrison's flagship Paradox report is now job specific

Paradox Mastery Analytics

Explore Paradoxical behaviours important to a specific job or role at the Organizational Level. Paradox Mastery Analytics provides deep insight into individual, team, and organizational strengths as well as potential derailers. A cultural scatter chart analyses company culture related to paradoxical abilities. It enables you to target employee development across teams, departments, or divisions.

  • Explore paradoxical behaviours important for a job or role
  • Discover the level of mastery for each paradox related to a job or role
  • Leverage and build upon strengths and identify hidden potential derailers
  • Proactively manage stress behaviours
  • Assess company culture with scatter plots, colour-mapped for clarity and easy interpretation
  • Generate individual and team reports with colour-mapping detail

organizational analytics - subscription options

Subscription Options

The Organisational Analytics subscription period is 12 months from the date of purchase. You can include any number of employees you like and add more during the subscription period. There are four subscription options available. You may upgrade at any time.

  • Engagement Analytics - full access to Engagement dashboard and individual Engagement data and reports
  • Behavioural Competency Analytics - full access to Behavioural Competency dashboard and individual Behavioural Competency Overview reports
  • Premium Analytics Package includes all features of the above
  • Organisational View Only a flexible, low-cost entry point to view group data and choose to purchase individual data at your discretion.

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