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Employee Engagement Drives Performance

Engaging your People is More Important than Ever

Engagement is about the Individual

Are your employee's individual expectations being fulfilled?

Would you like to learn how to skilfully have the conversations that lead to long-term mutually beneficial employment relationships?

The talent shortage has highlighted how important it is to ensure you actively take action to retain your best people. Harrison Assessments' award-wining Employee Engagement solutions focuses on the individual's important expectations AND the degree to which they employee believed they are being fulfilled. The critical engagement factors are those that are important but are not fulfilled. If not addressed these critical engagement factors can lead to expensive staff turnover and decreased performance.

Instead of anonymous group data you receive individual Engagement & Career Fulfilment Reports so you can have future focused conversations that maximize individual performance.


Engagement Analytics is about the Organization

Engagement Analytics measures one's employment expectations and the degree to which they believe their expectations are being fulfilled. The Organizational View for Engagement bar chart shows 18 engagement factors ranked from left to right, according to importance given by employees. A traffic light colour scheme allows you to view the degree to which each expectation is fulfilled. The Individual View for Engagement allows you to easily identify areas of concern for each employee in the selected group.

Engagement Analytics develops your leaders' capability to engage and retain top talent. Makes performance reviews comfortable and productive for everybody. And creates engagement strategies for all levels of the organization.

To learn more about Harrison Assessments' game changing approach to Employee Engagement Request a Call below.

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